Food Trip Tourism

Foods in India are an excellent platform of gastronomical affair as they present some of the simplest and tastiest dishes that are not just appealing to the taste buds but also very comforting for the stomach. It is for this reason that India is home to a diversity of food dishes that vary vastly from region to region. Whether it is the dosa in the Southern part of India or the lip smacking Biriyani of North India, delicious prawns cooked in rich savoury coconut sauce, there are very few nations that can compete with India for its cullinary delights.

The constant invasions by foreign nations have led to an interesting amalgamation of cuisine in the melting pot of cultures that is India. India is primarily a vegetarian country and its population are deeply religious people who believe in cohabitation with all sorts of life forms. But with the Islamic conquest, the concept of meat based dishes was introduced to Indian cuisine in the form of kebabs and perfected with Biriyani. Later with the arrival of the British forces and the advent of colonial India a lot of foreign dishes were amalgamated with Indian character to give it a refined outlook and taste.