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The five states come under the south zone of India includes Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Compare to other zones of India, south zone is totally different in terms of languages and culture. The South India has always been different from the civilization of North India since the Vedic periods due to the Vindhya Range acting as a physical barrier between them. This allowed it to be safe from most of the invasions affecting the other regions. Although it gradually absorbed different incoming groups, it still was able to preserve much of its old heritage. Most famously known as the ‘Land of Temples’, South India is a pilgrimage place for many devotees. The Dravidian culture has flourished here since the Vedic times. The people here are very faithful and seriously follow their ancient religion. The temples here are spectacular with vast halls, large gopurams adorned with idols of gods and goddesses, and the smell of incense floating throughout the temple complex.

Lets visit the temple towns. Mysore is known for its glorious history. It has spectacular monuments displaying the past royal heritage inherited by the city. It is also known for its expansive bazaars of spices and sandalwood present since the times of kings. The tradition of Mysore can be felt by touring the city and it should be in the bucket list of every family planning a vacation in the area. Hampi is known for its beautiful and detailed stone sculptures and is a very important UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sitting inside the temple ruins of the Vijaynagar empire, one can easily get lost while touring the enormous temple complexes present in the area. And finally, Bengaluru, often called the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, is a modern city known for its pleasant climate throughout the year. It has a mixture of tourist attractions ranging from botanical gardens and parks to Victorian-era architecture. Places like the Bangalore Fort and Gavi Gangadhareshwara are also well known.

Places to Visit in South Zone | India

Andhra Pradesh Culture
Andhra Pradesh
Stone Chariot, Hampi, Karnataka, India
Backwaters, Kerala, India
Mamallapuram or mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India
Tamil Nadu
Charminar, Hydrabad, Telangana, India
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