Junagadh Tourism

The city of Junagadh is situated in the western Indian state of Gujarat. With many historic sites, monuments and remarkable sites of worships of both Hindu and Budhist, Junagadh is quite popular among the tourists. The Uperkot Fort built in 319 A.D. needs special mention. It was rebuilt many times. Different structures and monuments were constructed under the reign of various rulers. The Adi–Kadi Vav and Navghan Kuwa, the narrow stone cut step wells inside the fort is a must see for the tourist. The Darbar Hall museum, a former palace displays the weaponries and other items used during the time of the nawabs. The magnificent tomb of Mahabat Khan, the sixth nawab of the Babi dynasty known as the Mahabat Maqbara is an amalgamation of Indo–Islam architecture. Buddhist caves in the Uperkot Hills and the Bava Pyara caves have specimens of spectacular artworks of Buddhism and Jainism. Ashok Shilalekh, an ancient inscription of Ashoka the Great on a granite stone signifies the historical richness of the place.

From Junagadh, pilgrims climb up steps on Mt. Girnar where many renowned temples and religious sites of the Hindus and Buddhists are located. The famous Gir National Park can be visited from Junagadh which is nearby. The Sakkarbaug Zoo having varied wildlife is quite popular. Junagadh is well connected with all the major cities by road and railways. The nearby airport is in Rajkot which is about 2 ½ hours by road.

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Travel Guide Guru Dattatreya Temple Girnar
5 reviews

Guru Dattatreya Temple

Do not forget to carry your cameras for capturing the best views from the pinnacle of the summit and do carry water on your person as the location of the temple is bare and devoid of any shops or merchants.

Travel Guide Adi Kadi Vav Junagadh
2 reviews

Adi Kadi Vav

The Adi Kadi Vav or step well in Junagadh is one of great tourist spot in Gujarat and built in 15th AD. The hours of operation are from morning 7 am to evening 5.30 pm.

Travel Guide Girnar Hill
0 reviews

Girnar Hills

Girnar is a holy and sacred mountain located in Junagadh, Gujarat. There are 10,000 steps to reach the hill top of Lord Dattatreya temple, it is very challenging to climb the mountain. The Girnar Hill is highly revered by both Jains and Hindus.

Travel Guide Gir Forest National Park
0 reviews

Gir Forest National Park

Gir Forest National Park is the last home of Asiatic Lion and has a wide range of mammals and wild animals, the name of few other then Asiatic Lions, Indian leopard, Striped Hyena, India Fox, Jackal, Sambar, Deer, Cobra, Porcupine, Desert Cats, Marsh Crocodiles and many more.

Travel Guide Buddhist Caves of Junagadh
0 reviews

Buddhist Caves of Junagadh

Junagadh is India's premier tourist destination for the variety of places of interest from farfetched history that it withholds in its confines. One such historical place is Buddhist caves situated in Junagadh of Gujarat.

Travel Guide Mahabat Maqbara Junagadh Gujarat
0 reviews

Mahabat Maqbara

Display of love for the deceased was quite a lingering affection of the royalties from every era. The mausoleums were erected by the kings and queens and princes for their loved ones in their loving memories or in respect of their deeds. There are a lot of mausoleums in India and....

Travel Guide Damodar Kund
0 reviews

Damodar Kund, Junagadh

Damodar Kund is one of the sacred lakes present in Gujarat. It is said that when a body is cremated, the ashes and the bones left are spread across this lake to receive moksha (which means that the person will rest in peace).

Travel Guide Uparkot Fort Junagarh
0 reviews

Uparkot Fort

Uparkot Fort is a fortified fortress used as military outpost and stronghold for the royalty of the ruling or governing forces. Its raised parapets beyond the extreme fringes of the structure are a strong deterrent to any enemy attacks and the structure still houses some ruins an....

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