Buddha Vihar, Karnataka

Buddha Vihar is a spiritual center and a Buddhist temple located in Gulbarga, Karnataka. It is part of the esteemed group of Buddhist temples and healing centres. The Vihar is located in a tranquil area in Gulbarg, a city also known by the name of Kalaburagi. Gulbarga city is the headquarter of the Gulbarga district too.

Buddha Vihar is a place of worship for Buddhists and is famed for its peaceful nature and the serene tranquil that it tends to offer to the worshippers. This Buddha Vihar is located in Gulbarga, Karnataka and was established back in 7th January 2007. It features pretty artistic designs and has an exemplary blend of architectural aspect integrated within. Furthermore Buddhist centers like Sanchi, Sarnath, Nagpur, and Ajanta were also made on the same scale as of it and on the same inspiration model.

The place is a very good hub for rejuvenating ourselves and can be a fruitful getaway to achieve the mindfulness and bliss that we seek so much. In a hectic life as of these days, getting such a serene vicinity is a pleasure not found elsewhere. The place that it is in Gulbarga itself is a great place and has nice places and plentiful of religious places around. The place also has a fort and more adding grace to the city of Gulbarga. Buddha Vihar is one of the foremost places where you can seek homage in finding the better in you, in seeking the best bit of brain and body functioning and everything towards mindfulness.


Gulbarga Buddha Bihar open at 06:00 AM to 01:30 PM and then again 04:00 PM to 08:00 PM

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Arun J
28 January 2023
Peaceful place, visit onec, out Nature also very nice.

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19 January 2023
Full of cosmic energy !!! Everyone should experience it.

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Manjunath Sandur
24 December 2022
Good place to visit...once every Indian must Visit

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anjali nagtilak
15 June 2022

Any prevision of guest rooms? ?

narsimulu dornal
08 April 2020

can we do there our child first hair cutting programmue??