Gulbarga Tourism

Once ruled by the Bahami rulers, the city of Gulbarga is located in the Indian state of Karnataka. One can easily tell by the monuments present in this town that the Bahamis were really artistic and skilful. The Urs festival is celebrated with joy and pleasure by the locals. Locals attend the festival when in the town as well as pilgrims flock to the city during this time to enjoy and indulge in this great grand festival. Monsoon and winters are the best time to visit the place. One can take an express train from Mumbai or a bus from Bangalore and Hyderabad to reach the destination place of Gulbarga.

One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Gulbarga fort which was built by the Bahamis. This is followed by another popular artistic construction done by the the Bahamis which is the Haft Gumbaz. Khawaja Bande Nawaz and Sharana Basaveshwara Temple are also examples of the same. If you are willing to travel another 40-50 km from this city, you can visit the Bhima River and the Jain temples that are located there. If you are willing to go further then visiting the historical town of Bidar is a must.

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Travel Guide Buddha Vihar Gulbarga
3 reviews

Buddha Vihar

Buddhists are known for their worship places and Gumbas and Vihar. Their places of worship have a different take, a peaceful mindfulness achieving environment that is not found elsewhere. The Buddha Vihar is located at Gulbarga in Karnataka and can be accessed by many means of tr....

Travel Guide Gulbarga Fort
0 reviews

Gulbarga Fort

Gulbarga fort, a heritage masterpiece depicting the rich culture of the illustrated Bahmani kingdom, is a place worth exploring. Located in the North Karnataka, the place is a Sufi hub and majesty of architectural beauty.

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