Gujari Mahal, Hisar, Haryana

Gujari Mahal, not to be confused with Firoz Shah Palace, is located in Hisar, a city in Haryana and was built by a Mughal Emporer Firoz Shah Tughlak for his wife Gujari Rani. Hence the name Gujari Mahal was given to the palace. This palace was built between the years 1351 AD - 1388 AD when the Mughal emperor's wife wanted to stay back in her native place after marriage instead of going back to Delhi where the king Firoz Shah was ruling.

The Gujari Mahal was built with the stones which were also used in building Indian Palaces and temples. Red sandstones were also used to build the palace and were later carved into to create various designs for the walls and the arches of the main gates. Four gates were built at the palace, three aches on the three sides of the palace were built to protect the palace from any attack and one side had a huge entrance gate for the royal members of the family.

The doors of these arches and entrance gate were built with stone, which is also known as stone gates, it was built to protect the enemies from entering the palace in case of a sudden attack. Gujari Mahal is also known for underground rooms and Diwans, similar to the structure of the main palace in Hisar, Firoz Shah Palace. Most of the palace was ruined when the Argoha Dynasty invaded the city. Along with the main Palace, Firoz Shah Palace, most of the monument present in the city is now in ruins. Therefore the Gujari Mahal is being protected by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).


Hisar Gujari Mahal open at 09:00 AM to 05.00 PM

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sanjay sharma
01 December 2023
It is a historical site and was in ruins till the ASI took over . Administration should take steps to make it tourist friendly . They must put tickets , have toilets made and decluster the surroundings . A must visit , if one comes to Hisar.

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Deepak Rapeswal
04 August 2023
Immortal love story of tuglaq dynasty's king ferozshah tuglaq and gujjari rani.

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Deepak Rapeswal
04 August 2023
Nice place to visit... Everyone should go to gujjari mahal to experience its beauty and love of ferozshah tuglaq to his beloved gujjari wife

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02 March 2023
People sitting at the entrance are illiterate and mannerless. They have no sense to talk and are extremely rude. They misbehave for trivial reasons.

I don’t recommend this place where people are such. It was horrific experience.

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Shivi Mehta
29 January 2023

Allowed for photoshoot radha krishna?

Puneet Tanwar
31 December 2022

Gujari rani belong to which cast?

by Deepak Rapeswal
04 August 2023

Gujari rani belongs to Gujjar tribe who lives majority in delhi during ferozshah reign.

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Sushil Kalher
02 July 2022

Does it is open on Sundays?

Ishika Yadav
12 February 2022

What can we do in inside ?

Sam S
27 October 2020

It was a amazing n intresting place in hisar?