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The only two states comes under the center zone of india, the first one is Madhya Pradesh and second is Chhattisgarh. Central India is known for the high density of forests present in the region leading to the presence of many National parks and Wildlife sanctuaries being present here. The terrain also has many natural wonders worth visiting. The major states in this reasion are MP and Chattisgarh. There are so many sites to visit throughout Madhya Pradesh that the time is never enough to see everything in one go. The popular Kanha and Bandhavgarh wildlife sanctuaries are among the 9 national parks, 25 wildlife sanctuaries and 6 wildlife reserves present inside the state area. Bhimbetka, Bhedaghat, and Chitrakoot are placed with many natural wonders and are thus deemed as important heritage sites. Bhopal itself is known as the city of lakes, a city bustling between two large man-made lakes. Sanchi is an important Buddhist site along with being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fort city of Gwalior is also famous. There are also many cities and towns famous for their temples like Ujjain, Khajuraho, Maheshwar, and Amarkantak.

However, Chattishgarh has its own enigma. This state used to be a part of Madhya Pradesh until 2000. The land here comprises mainly of plateaus with various rivers meandering through them. This results in the formation of various famous waterfalls in the region, some of which are the Tirathgarh and Chitrakote waterfalls. It is also covered by a lot of forest leading to the presence of Barnawapara wildlife sanctuary, Achanakmar tiger reserve, and Kanger Valley National Park. There are also various sites where beautiful temples and sculptures are present like Malhar, Madkudweep, and Mainpat. The Bastar region houses many tribes living in harmony and also has many ancient temples, forest, waterfalls and other scenic locations to enjoy.

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