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Tamil Nadu is amongst one of the twenty-nine states of India and Chennai (formerly known by the name of Madras) is the capital of it and so is it its biggest city. The state lies in the southernmost portion of the Indian peninsula. This state has a rich history behind it with the state being the seat of power for many famous kingdoms of both ancient and medieval India like the Cholas, Pallava, Pandya and Chera. Amongst tourist attractions, hill stations are plenty in Tamilnadu and that too of pristine and amazing beauty. Some of these which attract tourists in massive numbers almost throughout the year are Ooty, Yercaud, Kodaikanal, etc.

The state of Tamil Nadu had been the main region where the South Indian Sangam eras of history flourish the most. From the Chalukyas to the Pallavas and from the Cholas to the Vijayanagara, every dynasty of the South India made valuable contribution in making of the Hindu Empires in the ancient India. The district of Thanjavur, in particular, witnessed the prominence of one of the greatest South Indian Dynasties ever, the Cholas. The empire was not only famous for its exemplary maritime expedition but for its refined and most artistic sculptures of cultural ethnicity.

There are a plethora of temples in the state of Tamilnadu, some of the most famous of them being the Meenakshi Temple, Brihadishwara Temple, Nataraja Temple, Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Rock Fort Temple, etc. Some of the other renowned places of Tamil Nadu are Government Museum, Theosophical Society, Tiger Cave, Vellore Fort and many more. Many a festival is also celebrated with great grandeur and vigour. Amongst these, the most popular is certainly the religious harvest festival known as Pongal. The state has a several multi-religious pilgrimage sites, historic buildings and eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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