Kummi Folk Dance, Tamil Nadu

The word Kummi is said to be gotten from Kommai and intends to hit the dance floor with applauding to time and singing sonnets in a meter adjusted to the Kummi dance. The Kummi dance of Tamil Nadu is a standout amongst the most significant and antiquated types of town dances. Being started when there were no melodic instruments, this dance has the members applauding to keep time.

The kummi dance is performed for the most part by ladies. The ladies remain around and dance applauding musically to the tunes. They likewise dance in the circle and the hand signals connote the procuring and the reaping procedure. One of the ladies drives the singing with a main tune while the remainder of them take up the hold back.

Every entertainer renders another line thus and the moving stops when all get worn out. In some nearby varieties of the Kummi dance, men additionally take an interest. In this structure, the men with little sticks in their grasp structure a bigger external hover, inside which the ladies remain in a little ring. The applauding of the hands by the ladies and the beating of the sticks by men are consummately synchronized with their means and the musicality of the melodies.

Kummi dance began during a period when there were no melodic instruments. The term Kummi is said to be gotten from the word 'Kommai' which intends to 'hit the dance floor with applauding to time. Kummi dance does not pursue a specific clothing standard in this way the outfit can be many. For the most part, young ladies wear pavadaichattai, adolescents wear pavadaidhavani, and the grown-up ladies wear saris.

Kummi dance is performed during celebration seasons, for example, Pongal, the collect celebration.

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Rajib kamal Borah
31 March 2020

In which occassion the kummi dance is being celebrate for?