Parai Attam Folk Dance, Tamil Nadu

Parai Attam is a Tamil Nadu dance form. Parai means Drum. It has another name Thappu. It is the oldest drum in Indian history. Particularly it is used in southern India in the state of Tamil Nadu. There is also evidence in the history of northern and eastern Sri Lanka. This drum is emblem of Tamil culture. In the very old archaic days this drum was used as an instrument for communication mean to convey message to the public. By drumming this drum they use to gather people at one place and deliver the message at once. Later the drum associated with the dance form Parai Attam.

The Parai Attam dance form is the local dance that Tamil culture enjoys where people beat the drum and dance to its rhythms. This is among the oldest dance forms in Tamil Nadu culture. In ancient days this drum beats were used for many purposes, for example, in the situation of warning people or gathering them for the conveying the messages or for the announcement of battles and announcing the defeat in battles. Also, it had its use to in sports festivals.

The Parai Attam dance is performed on the drum beats and to generate drum beats people use 2 sticks one lager and thinner than the other stick. It is now used only in dances on funerals, weddings or sports events. This drum is also used in temples to summon the deities. This dance has great importance in the Tamil Nadu culture and the people there value it a lot as well.

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05 July 2023

When is starting
Who invented ?

John Babu Prattipati
20 July 2020

Only a particular caste or sect play this Parai or any caste people play??

by Sasi Kumar
03 March 2023

Any one can play it.its not about caste .it's about your interest.parai is the mother of musical instruments

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