Oyilattam Folk Dance, Tamil Nadu

Oyilattam dance form has got a beautiful meaning which stands as the dance of grace. It is a folk dance. The origin of this beautiful exclusive dance is in Madurai. Madurai is in the region of Tamil Nadu. The dance was first performed in the southern Tamil Nadu in Tirunelveli district Madurai and Tiruchirapalli district locality.

The Oyilattam dance form is traditional, and it is performed by a few men making row and performing distinctive steps on musical notes. With time women have also started taking part in this dance. The dancer tries handkerchiefs on their fingers and bells on their ankles while performing the steps.

Oyilattam is a great piece of art. This dance is mainly enjoyed in village during festivals. This beautiful traditional dance form, on the whole, portray the folk and mythological stories like Mahabharata, lord Muruga’ s tale and Ramayana.

Tamil Nadu folk dance started its voyage as a holy art dance in the ancient temples as a part of Worshiping goddesses and gods. On the lyrics of divine songs, this dance used to be performed. The dance was said to be the act of devotion for their deities. Later this dance form started taking part in the king's courts. After becoming part of the king’s court entertainment, it becomes famous, and now it is performed in every village festival. Now it has female dancer too. Oyilattam dance has unique dance steps that dancer execute on music. The colorful dresses and tied handkerchiefs give it individual look and pleasant to audiences.

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Giftlin Shefino
05 November 2022

its origin?its history??