Alarippu Folk Dance, Tamil Nadu

Alarippu dance is a part of the first dance Bharatanatyam that is mostly performed by Hindus. Usually, this type of folk dance is performed at the beginning of any program or occasion. Alarippu dance is a kind of pre-season before the start of Bharatanatyam dance. The term Alarippu refers to a flourishing flower. So, it is understandable why the term has been used.

Tamil Nadu is one of the most significant states among the 28 states in India. This state contains many different cultures since all types of people live here. Usually, Tamil Nadu is considered as one of the states that is greatly filled with entertainment. Alarippu dance is a famous amusement that is performed at all functions and special occasions.

Bharatanatyam is a dance that is introduced in Tamil Nadu in ancient times. Commonly, Alarippu dance is performed by the dancers to greet or show their respect towards the audience. This is a warm-up step that is done before a Bharatanatyam dance. This dance form is performed when there is no lyric played at the beginning.

In Tamil Nadu, people consider Alarippu dance as an essential part of almost any and every occasion. This promotes respect that is presented to the audience and special invitees. The dancers perform this dance to relax themselves before a dance act is performed. These dance steps are generally taught to the dancers as necessary and fundamental dance steps. At present, Alarippu dance is considered to be one of the famous dances of Tamil Nadu.

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