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Ancient history rules the town of Vellore, an administrative town located in the state of Tamil Nadu, a state of India. The carvings in ancient churches, mosques as well as temples, depict that the place once knew the meaning of actual art. It is also known as ‘Smart City’. The reason behind this is that it is a hub for the medical industry, modern education techniques, and the presence of large-scale industries. People from the Dravidian civilization were known to be established in this city. In addition to this, the word ‘Vel’ means the Place of the Lord Murugan.

The Vellore fort is one of the major attractions of this place because of its majestic structure and the ancient history about its rulers. Jalakandeswara Temple is another marvel at this place that depicts the style of art of the Dravidians. The Srilakshmi Golden Temple has a gold leaf covering and is a wonder amongst the sites that the city has. If you want to relax and calm down, Yellagiri is the place to be at because of the fact that it is a hill station and has clean lakes and pure air. Indeed, Vellore has so much to offer to the tourists and travelers.

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Travel Guide Sripuram Golden Temple
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Sripuram Golden Temple

In Vellore lies the Golden Temple of South India. The Sripuram Temple is dedicated to the goddess of wealth, Lady Maha Laxmi and its main dome has been made from pure 1500 kg gold bullion.

Travel Guide Jalakandeswarar Temple
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Jalakandeswarar Temple

India’s richness in religion is something that has always amused the world. With so many divine places around, India is home to multiple pilgrims and religious visitors. Tamil Nadu is one such state full of such glorious holy places of which Jalakandeswarar Temple is one. Locat....

Travel Guide Vellore Fort
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Vellore Fort

The fort was built by the kings of Vijayanagara. Though the ownership of the fort changed rapidly as history progressed, the fort itself was quite secure from outside invasions and attacks.

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