Jalakandeswarar Temple, Tamil Nadu

A rich heritage featuring legendary temple, Jalakandeswarar is home to Lord Shiva. Located inside Vellore Fort in Tamil Nadu, the temple has rich structures and is home to greatly carved stone pillars, sculptures, buildings and more, this temple is worth visiting.

The Jalakandeswarar temple is highly regarded and is kept under the wraps of Archeological Survey of India. The temple has a legendary story backing it where it is said that a giant ant-hill used to be here at the place of the sanctum. The area or ant-hill was said to be surrounded with stagnant water and a Shiva Linga was placed in the water and became a place of worship. It is also said that Chinna Bommi Nayaka, who at that time was Vijayanagar chieftain had a dream where he was asked to build a temple in the dedication of Lord Shiva.

The temple was then built in the year of 1550 AD and was known as Jalakandeswarar as the temple was surrounded by Jalam, i.e. water as it is called in Tamil on all sides. It also has a statue of Sri Akhilandeshwari Amma inside the premises. The temple has finely curated architecture that in itself is regarded as exquisite. It has richly made stone pillars, wooden gates, sculptures and much more. The entire temple is further supported with dragon pillars and lions statue and more. The temple is part of Archeological Survey of India who controls and maintains the temple premises.


Jalakandeswarar Temple open at 06:30 AM to 01:00 PM and then again 05:00 PM to 08:30 PM

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