Andhra Natyam Traditional Dance, Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Natyam is a traditional dance that is initiated in Andhra Pradesh, one of the states of India. This dance was introduced as many as 2000 years ago. This traditional dance is performed by people of Andhra the most. This is a classical dance, which is performed by women. Olden musical instruments mainly support this dance.

Andhra Natyam is mainly based on the facial expression and the movements of the feet of the dancer. This dance is very similar to the steps of Bharatanatyam. Most of the times, people confuse themselves that Andhra dance is Bharatanatyam. It is not true since although both almost have the same features, however, they differ from one and another in terms of culture and tradition.

Few of the musical instruments that support Andhra Natyam:
• Venu
• Violin
• Surpeti
• Manjira
• Tanpura

Usually, these types of dances are practiced and performed by temple dancers. This dance is performed in open areas to attract tourists and visitors to Andhra Pradesh. As you know, Andhra Pradesh is one of the highly tourist visiting states in India

This classical dance has influenced the lives of people as well. During the British era, Andhra Natyam was declining gradually, and later it was reestablished by the famous dancers of Andhra Pradesh. These temple dancers usually wear very simple costumes like a sari when they dance. Wearing a simple costume would be very comfortable for this dance since the steps in this dance are quite unique but relatively complex.

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Anju Bala
24 September 2021

Dress of andhra natyam?