Bagurumba Folk Dance, Assam

Bagurumba is one such folk dance, the spell of which continues to enchant thousands. The beauty of this dance is that it runs like an inherent element in the blood of the Northeastern people. People from generation to generation keep on performing the glorious folk dance of Bagurumba. The dance is performed by traditional Bodo Women. They perform it with utmost merry and joy. The women wear traditional colorful attire, which is known as Dokhna, Jwmgra is also known as Fasra, along with Aronai. Although, the Bagurumba dance is recognized as the prime traditional dance of the Bodo people however, there are some other dances as well, which are known as Mwsaglangnai dance, Bardwisikhla dance, Daosri Delai dance, Gwlao Mwsanai, and so on.

The various dance forms of Bodo people are called as Kristi dance. The dance is accompanied by a number of instructions, which are called Kham, Sifung, Jhota, Tharkha, and Gongwna, etc. The folk dance has been originated from Bodoland Assam.

The folk is now famous all across the globe. People from other countries recognize it as a very artistic dance form. It is because Bagurumba dance had always been patronized by many people from the locals of Bodo only. One amazing fact about the traditional dance is that it has many steps in common with a traditional dance of Chinese culture.

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