Charpa Waterfalls, Kerala

Charpa Waterfalls is located only 1 KM away from the main city of Thrissur in Kerala, this tourist spot is ideal for a short duration visit. The area surrounding the Charpa waterfalls is quite green and adds to the scenic beauty of the falls. Although the river falls from a short height to make this spectacle, the water travels through seven stagnant areas, thus making 7 different pools to view. The waterfall is located just on the highway between Athirappilly Falls and Vazhachal Falls, so tourists don’t have to walk a lot to enjoy the scenic view. Tourists often visit Charpa as it is quite close to Athirappilly Falls and Vazhachal Falls, which are much more famous than the former.

The area surrounding the falls is always misty and moist. It is primarily due to the fact that the falls are located quite close to the actual highway. Tourists must take care of their cameras as they get closer to the falls since there is a lot of water flying around from the fall during monsoons. Best time for visiting the falls is during monsoons and early winter. As the river dries up during the summer, the falls become barren. Tourists visiting between July and November can find the water flowing from the Charpa falls, However, as the winter progresses, the volume of water lessens.

The area is well maintained by the Kerala Govt. as they recognize it as a major tourist spot. Also, various hawkers and small shops are open in the vicinity so tourists can also enjoy little beverages and snacks after spending time at the Charpa Falls.


Charpa Falls can be visiting during the 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Entry Fees

30 INR per Indian Tourists and 100 INR per Foreigner Tourists. (10 INR per Indian Student and 2 INR per Indian Child)


20 INR per photo Camera

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soumya iyer
05 December 2020

Is it open now, and are pets allowed ?