Chhau Folk Dance, West Bengal

Epics such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, remain with us till today and will remain for generations to come. For us to remember, exactly how everything occurred, many cultures have devised dances and dramas, that enact the entire episode. Chhau dance is one such dance in which you will be able to see the cultural as well as the meaningful aspects of such epics.

During the time of the Chaitra Pavitra, which is an eminent festival celebrated widely in East India, this dance is performed along with a cultural drama. The music is played via Shehnai and Mohuri, that are reed pipes. You will be amazed to see how these local people from the cities of Mayurbhanj, Purulia, and Seraikella perform the Chhau dance. It requires a great deal of energy as well as the clothes that they wear are colorful as well as heavy due to the jewelry. Still, they manage to imbibe the character, as it was and perform the episodes with great & unprecedented enthusiasm.

The huge drums add to the ambiance of the entire play. Hundreds of people gather around the area to watch artists perform this exquisite art, which is said, will be soon lost. Due to commercialization, people are forgetting their roots; however, if you are in East India, during the festival of Chaitra Pavitra, you can easily look up a drama scene online and remember the rich and varied heritage of the country, India. So relive the great Indian epics and the rich & diverse history of the country through the Chhau dance.

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