Dal Lake, Jammu and Kashmir

The Dal Lake is without any doubt, the main attraction of Srinagar and the hotspot of Jammu & Kashmir Tourism. Jammu and Kashmir is the most beautiful state of the whole Indian sub continent and the city of Srinagar is famously known as the paradise of the east. The city of Srinagar is actually the summer capital of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. The Srinagar is a valley drained by the Jhelum River, a tributary of the Indus River. The valley amidst the high and snowy mountain, filled with lush green pasture is truly paradise like.

At the centre of Srinagar city is the most beautiful fresh water lake of the whole India, the Dal Lake. The Dal Lake is a fresh water lake in the catchment of Jhelum and on its banks the main city has flourished. The water of the lake is very clear and in reality it is a segregation of three lakes joined by maze level intricate water channels. The Dal Lake is very beautiful and it is very picturesque with a back drop of high White Mountains.

The main attraction of the Dal Lake is the Char Chinar and the floating vegetation. Char Chinar is a lake island ate the centre housing very old four chinar trees. The floating vegetation serves both beauty and ecological purposes for the lake. The whole tourism industry of Srinagar is built in the lake.

The houseboats are best accommodation for the travelers, the floating gardens are best beautification for the trips and roaming the lake on elegant & aristocratic Shikaras is just the epitome of Srinagar visit for the tourists. Apart from these the market place on the lake is also a great tourist magnate and to make Dal Lake further engaging, the tourist will be offered to taste the mouth-watering cuisines of local delicacy.

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