Dhaulagiri Mountain, Nepal

Dhaulagiri is a mountain located in Nepal; this mountain is known to be the 7th highest mountain in the world. This mountain is located 8167 meters above sea level, which makes mountain climbing challenge very difficult in the world of alpinism. The name Dhaulagiri was derived from Sanskrit word Dhawala or Dhaula which means shining or dazzling beautifully and the word Giri refers to Mountain in English. Therefore the name dazzling, white, shining, beautiful Mountain was chosen for Dhaulagiri. The Dhaulagiri Mountain is divided into 5 mountains known as Dhaulagiri I, Dhaulagiri II, Dhaulagiri III, Dhaulagiri IV and Dhaulagiri V. The difficulty in climbing these mountains is different from each other hence various expeditions were conducted over the years to completely cover the Dhaulagiri mountain climbing.

Dhaulagiri is known as one of the most difficult mountains for mountain climbing due to the fact that there is frequent avalanche occurring every now and then, and the fact that the rocks and the built of the mountain doesn't make the process of mountain climbing suitable for anyone. The south face of the Dhaulagiri Mountain is considered as the most dangerous one as people have died trying to climb through this specific route. This mountain is the only mountain in the world which is located within a country and does not share its border with other countries. Many expeditions were conducted but in the year 1960, a person climbed the Dhaulagiri Mountain for the first time and it was led by the Swiss, Australian and Nepal Expedition.

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