Digha Beach, West Bengal

Digha beach, earlier known as Beerkul, is a town located in the Medinipur district in West Bengal. This beach is located at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal. Digha Beach is the most famous beach in West Bengal and is known for its shallow sand beach. During British India era, John Frank Snaith (a businessman settled in Digha) persuaded the Chief Minister of West Bengal to develop Digha and turn it into Digha Beach; a place or a resort where you will be able to relax and enjoy your time. When Digha beach plans were initiated, many other new monuments were built to increase tourism.

Digha beach is now the most favourite beach in West Bengal where people will be able to spend quality time with family in a small town away from noise and pollution. Other monuments located in Digha include a Marine Aquarium - where visitors will be able to watch and learn about various types of sea creatures. Research centre or marine biology is also located within the premises of the aquarium.

The famous Chandaneswar Temple is also located nearby the Digha Beach; it is the oldest temple located near Digha and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Various events and festivals are also organised during auspicious days. Many people end up visiting the beach during the festival season and visit the Digha beach at the same time. Therefore, over the years many people have considered Digha Beach an isolated yet beautiful place to spend their vacation in West Bengal.

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