Duffmuttu Folk Dance, Kerala

Duffmuttu is an Indian folk dance form Origin from Kerala. An ensemble performance, Duffmuttu dance has the essence of Malabar laidback-ness. So condensed in green, so condensed in coconut palm, so condensed in the Sea down South. The usual design is such that there are two inwardly facing rows. Each in the row imitates one another’s movement or a higher order which are mainly free styles with the hands circling or the body stoops or the feet rising back and forth; the groups at times separating to again rejoin. There is acrobatic somersault intervention at times. Also few karate style free kicks are observed.

Clapping and beating of the duff, which is a native percussion with ox skin and a wooden enclosure, are observables. At times doublets arise who jostle in a star jump touching one another’s heart, like the footballers do after having kicked a goal. At times one row stoops to form a local obstruction over which the other row dribbles to establish the simple truth – that nothing is a barrier but a wide gate to allow Trans interaction till equilibrium. Again the two distinct rows unify to a singular geometry, usually the optimized circle and each somersaulting inwards in an attempt to condense into one. Simple, heroic and free like the free Jihadi spirit – Duffmuttu is homage to the Islamic heroes and martyrs and their spirit which needs to be inculcated and practised in the conscious way thereby spreading joy and the spirit of celebration and also to voice out protest be the need arises. Truly magnificent and fantastic.

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