Ficus Racemosa - Gular Tree, India

Gular (Ficus racemosa) generally known as cluster fig, athipalam, pink river fig, goolar, udumbara, umber and dumri. Gular is a plant primitive in tropical Asia and Australia. Gular belongs to the Moraceae circle of relatives of plant species. All the health blessings of gular tree are hidden in its leaves, culmination, bark, roots and wood.

Gular In Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, the gular tree is one of the four bushes of the Nalpamara or Nalpamaram. The gular tree is astringent in nature with anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, antioxidant, antiasthmatic, anti-ulcer, antipyretic and anti-diarrheal in reaction. It balances Kapha and pitta dosha. The energetic substances present in gular consist of tannin, wax, beta-sitosterol, leucocyanidin, lupeol, stigmasterol, glucose, tiglic acid, friedelin and racemosic acid. It is wealthy in diet B2, iron, copper, potassium and magnesium.

Health Benefits of Gular Tree

One must price health earlier than sickness arrives. The gular tree is seemed as a gem of medication.

Boosts Immunity

One of the health advantages of gular tree is it enhances overall immunity. The gular tree can deal with illnesses like anaemia, metrorrhagia, leucorrhea, weak spot, dysentery, spermatorrhea and urinary disorders. Copper, gift inside the gular trees, is critical to enhance immunity in our bodies. Magnesium is pretty useful in regulating irregular heartbeats. Muscular anxiety and oxidative stress can also produce an abnormal heartbeat. Gular culmination have high stages of magnesium. In addition to doing away with all of those symptoms, Gular preserves your digestive in proper running order. Gular possesses anti-most cancers and antioxidant houses. If the juice derived from this tree is used as a medicinal drug, its features may additionally aid inside the destruction of cancer cells.


Hindu Theology, the Gular tree represent to Venus Planet (Sukra Graha).

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Pappu Thakur
27 July 2023
I m from hp India.These are widely available in my area.i Love Ficus racemose or cluster fig.they are very sweet to eat.super Lovely 😍

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