Gai Jatra Cow Festival, Nepal

Gai Jatra Festival is mostly observed as a memorial to the deceased soul. People think that the cow, a sacred animal in Hindu mythology, will guide the wandering spirits of the departed souls to heaven. It is even thought that the deceased would clutch the cow's tail to make the trek across the Vaitarni River without difficulty.

Gai Jatra gives a community the opportunity to strengthen their bonds by participating in singing, laughing, dances, culture, and memorial of a loved one. Furthermore, this is a fantastic illustration of death as a normal occurrence and a part of life. This depicts the sorrowful celebration in a way that brings colour to our lives. Because the king who initiated the celebration is from Lalitpur, it is thought to be the origin of the festival.

The tradition, on the other hand, has been passed down from generation to generation. In Kathmandu, people celebrate Gai Jatra with more pleasure and programmes than in Patan. The manner in which Gai Jatra is celebrated has evolved over time. The event includes a variety of activities in addition to the cultural heritage of celebrating the festival.

During the event, even the theatre puts up satirical and hilarious dramas. These days, we can even discover a lot of Gai Jatra videos on YouTube.

As a result, Gai Jatra is a festival that helps people to accept death as a universal aspect of life.

“Whatever a man accomplishes in his life is preparation for a prosperous existence after death,” according to Hinduism. This festival gives people the tools they need to prepare for life after death. If you're visiting Nepal between August and September, don't miss out on the spectacular Gai Jatra.

You'll be blown away by the amount of energy, humour, and colour in a single event.

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