Goddess Maa Chandraghanta, India

A married form of Parvati is represented by - Chandraghanta. This title was given to Parvati by Lord Mahadev himself, as she wished for Lord Chandradev the Moon God to place a crown of matted hairs upon her forehead, as her Lord had done to Chandrashekhara with his hair crown. After fulfilling her wish, Mahadev changed from her bridal guise to a new form under a new name. As a result of her forehead now bearing the digit of a crescent moon, Parvati will be known throughout the world as Devi Chandraghanta. Her self-determination and will to fight for justice, peace, and as a voice for change makes her a strong, independent woman.

The face of Chandraraghanta is calm and relaxed with a golden complexion. Several ornaments adorn her limbs and she is dressed in red. The half-moon logo is emblazoned on her crown. One hand blesses her devotees, while one other hand holds a trident, mace, bow, arrow, lotus, sword, bell, and other weapons. Her ten hands are adorned with nine different weapons. She is seated on a fierce tiger. It is said that when a devotee prays to Maa Chandraganta with a pure heart then she wipes out negativity from their lives. All their sins, all their ghostly tribulations, everything negative, all their depressions, all their mental anxieties, all tribulations, they are all erased. In riding a lion, she embodies positivity and fierceness, while at the same time having a nurturing quality toward her devotees.

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