Goddess Maa Kaalratri, India

The goddess is pictured as Kaalratri in her state of destruction. The Goddess of time and death is called so because she rules both time and death as well as being beyond the enslavement of darkness. In addition to being constantly enraged by injustices, she is also aggressive, so she can bring about destruction when her threshold is crossed, and she fights to save society as a result. Kaalratri has a pitch-black complexion and a ferocious expression. In addition to exhaling fire, she has electric ornamentation around her limbs as well as red and black attire. Her neck was adorned with a garland of skulls that shone like lightning, and her eyes were bloodshot and her hair unkempt. Trident, scimitar, vajra, and cup were all held in each of her four hands. Her vehicle is a donkey with her seated on its back. She is also said to have laid her other two hands in mudras- one in 'Abhay, symbolizing her fearlessness, and the other in 'Varada,' symbolizing her benevolence. Her right hand is used to hold, while her left hand is used to protect.

During the invasion of Devlok by Shumbha and Nishumbha, Indra's kingdom was destroyed by the asuras. When the devas were in danger, Parvati sent Chandi, also known as Kaali, to stop the evil spirits. Shumbha and Nishumbha were killed by Maa Kaalratri, restoring peace on Devlok.

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