Goddess Maa Katyayani, India

Goddess Katyayani rides a lion and is the daughter of Sage Katyayan. Her four hands are composed of swords in one, a lotus in the other, a sword and a lotus in the third hand, the blessed lotus in the fourth hand, and the shield in her fourth hand.

During her warrior stage, Katyayani represents Parvati. When the Gods invoked Mahashakti to protect them from demon Mahishasura, Parvati materialized from a sacrificial fire in the avatar of a ten-armed Goddess, this female form was extremely radiant – as radiant as a thousand suns and she had fierce eyes, who has then known the world over as Katyayani, due to her having assumed her birth in the home of sage Katyayan being his daughter. In a battle that lasted for days, Katyayani ended up defeating Maheshasura by cutting off his head. It was Katyayani who killed and defeated Maheshasura and who is commonly known as Mahishasura Mardani. India celebrates the victory of Katyayani. It was the day when a woman transformed into a fierce form and she defeated a demon as terrible as Maheshasura.

Women are portrayed in this avatar as women who are not vulnerable to those that would defend them, for even she is capable of well-protecting men occasionally. With golden skin and three staring eyes, Katyayani has a relaxed expression. Wearing a green and pink vestment, she is adorned with elaborate ornamentation on her limbs. She carried a sword, shield, lotus, and trident in each hand. The picture shows her seated on a fearsome lion.

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Nitin Narottam Trivedi
10 July 2022

Maaa Nameste Namskaar maaa bhul chuk maaf kar dijiye sorry jagdiish jinda jiveet chahiye ?