Goddess Maa Kushmanda, India

In English, the word 'Anda' means an egg of peace. Kushmanda, it is believed, created the universe. Goddess Kushmanda, whose energy created the universe we live in, created a small cosmic egg when there was nothing but darkness in the beginning.

Kushmanda represents Devi Parvati at the stage where she is discovering that Mahashakti is none other than herself. God Mahadev revealed to Goddess Parvati her true nature after they married. As she possesses many infinite powers contained within her, she has been known across the world as Kushmanda.

As a result of Lord Mahadev's teaching, she realized that she is not just a human, but a Goddess, who is the creation's Mother, since she created the three-dimensional planes within her golden womb. Those around her are brightened by her glee when she's around. Kushmanda has a golden complexion, peaceful eyes, and a serene demeanor. Wearing vestments in pink and yellow, she is adorned with ornaments on her limbs. In one hand, she held a discus, a mace, a lotus, a bow, and an arrow; in the other two hold a jar of honey and a waterpot. On the back of a tiger, she is mounted.

Goddess Kushmanda is believed to reside in the sun's core, and it is she who gives it its direction. She is responsible for giving warmth to the universe as a whole. The first life form that was created by Goddess Kushmanda came from her left eye when there was nothing.

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