Goddess Maa Mahagauri, India

Parvati's phase of recovery is represented by Mahagauri. During the time Kaalratri was fighting all the demons, Parvati's body turned incredibly dark and no matter how hard she tried, she could not eliminate it. Her husband Lord Shiva teased her a little. He called her Kali and teased her. She ultimately went to Lord Brahma after this enraged her. In her prayer, she told him that she wished that her dark skin would disappear. The Supreme God agreed to make Parvati fair again after she had performed severe penance. Her white garments and ornaments glowed brilliantly with the light of the moon after she immersed herself in the Manasarovar River in the direction of Lord Brahma. As soon as Parvati stepped into the Mansarovar Lake in the Himalayas, her dark skin separated from her body and she took the form of a woman.

Parvati has been called Mahagauri all over the world under this form. The term Maha means extremely, while the term Gauri means fair. Her full form includes being a homemaker, devoted spouse, caring mother, and a devoted wife, as she is the only one who is the foundation of the family. Mahagauri is a tall, powerful being with a dazzling white complexion, a calm expression, and three peaceful eyes. Her limbs are decorated with white ornamentation, and she is wearing all-white clothes. Four hands held a trident, a mini-drum, a pink lotus, and a promise to protect her devotees, while one hand held a trident and a drum. She sat on a white bull.

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