Goddess Maa Siddhidatri, India

Devi Parvati represented by Siddhidhatri is in the final stages of reaching her highest and supreme manifestation, having reached her status as a Goddess by being proven to be the manifestation of Kailasha and knowing who she is. In her form as Ardhanarishwara, Siddhidatri is one with Lord Shiva and possesses all supernatural powers. In this avatar of a woman, she represents life itself, educating, teaching, and disciplining her kids. Siddhidhatri has a fair complexion, three content eyes, and a calm demeanor. Light ornamentation adorns her limbs and she wears a red and blue vestment. She carried her trident, conch shell, discus, and mace in each hand. She sat upon a fully bloomed lotus.

There is a myth that at the beginning of time, when there were no stars or planets, only darkness existed, goddess Kushmanda smiled and the universe was created. The holy trinity was also created by goddess Kushmanda. Her job was to create the god's Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu and give them each a task to perform. Shiva is the destroyer, Vishnu is the preserver, and Brahma is the creator. Following the creation of all these gods, Shiva went to goddess Kushmanda and prayed for more perfection. Goddess Kushmanda bestowed him with countless blessings and perfection. At that point, goddess Kushmanda created a second goddess. Goddess Siddhidatri emerged.

The goddess Sidhidatri blessed Shiva with 18 siddhis or 18 perfections, in addition to eight astasiddhis. As well as these 18 ashtasiddhis or perfections, Lord Krishna also prescribed ten more so-called secondary perfections which were to be taken into consideration. A remarkable thing happened; half of Lord Shiva's body became one with goddess Sidhidatri. As a result, she became half of Shiva, and his half-male, half-female form is referred to as Ardhanareshwar.

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