Goddess Maa Skandmata, India

"Skanda" is also known as the firstborn child of Shiva and Parvati and she carries Kartikay on her lap. And "Mata" means mother, Skandamata is essentially the story of the goddess Parvati. The goddess is seated on a lotus.

Devi Parvati is represented by Skandamata in her motherhood stage. Kartikey's mother Parvati is known as the mother of Skanda, her son. Among the six Krittikas, Parvati was forbidden to nurture her child. The seed of energy was created by Shiva and Parvati and fell to reeds and was split into six children, which were found by six women. Shiva and Parvati eventually worked out a fair resolution by merging the six babies into one, resulting in one infant with six faces. The name of this unique infant is Shanmukha and Parvati is Skandmata.

Since Shanmukha Skanda had been found by the Krittikas, he also becomes Kartikeya, as he is Shiva and Devi's child. Women express love, affection, and maternity through skandmata. She is still a mother, regardless of whether she has a biological, adopted, or surrogate child. The complexion of Skandamata is gold, and he has three eyes as well as a calm disposition. Dressed in orange and yellow, she displays light ornamentation on her limbs. There are four hands: two are holding lotuses, the third holding her son and the fourth saving her devotees. On the back of a lion, she sits.

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