Gyuto Monastery, Himachal Pradesh

The number of monasteries present in India are unaccountable but we could surely state, for a fact, that every tourism destinations, mainly the Himalayan belt will definitely have an aesthetic monastery in its tour chart. The Himachal Pradesh Tourism does not serve it short in this department when it comes to Dharamshala. You will find many beautiful and historical religious buildings here, including the famous Gyuto Monastery. The region of Dharamshala is renowned throughout the world as the seat of Tibetan religious preaching. After fleeing from the Chinese grip, his holiness Lord Dalai Lama the 14th, Tsuglag Khang rallied his Tibetan mass of disciples and followers through the mountainous route of the Himalayas and found the safe haven in the serene environment of Macleod Ganj in Dharamshala. Since then, many years have passed and it is now the administrative center for Cultural & International Relations of Tibet. The famous Gyuto Monastery lies in the vicinity of this significant Macleod Ganj.

Built somewhere in the 1400s of the Common Era this is a tantric energy center of Buddhism. The Sakhyamani avatar of Lord Buddha is worshipped here and this monastery is believed to be one of the most awakened spiritual centres in the whole country. Aside this, what attracts the visitors most is the architectural modesty of the monastery and the exquisite all-encompassing natural panorama. Everywhere you look you will find the contrast of pristine white and verdant mountains, the caressing flow of the rivers, the soft touch of the chilly and cloudy air and the warmth of the ever glowing sun.


Gyuto Monastery open at 07:00 AM to 07:00 PM - All Days


Strictly Prohibited

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