Hariyali Teej Festival, India

Hariyali Teej is one of several festivals celebrated in Sawan, an auspicious month. During this festival, Rajasthani women, Uttar Pradesh women, Madhya Pradesh women, and Jharkhand women enjoy a grand celebration.

In addition to clothes, bangles, Mehendi, songs, jhulas (swings), and food, Hariyali Teej is also celebrated with Mehendi. Since Hariyali Teej is usually celebrated during the monsoon season, it is also referred to as Sawan Teej. Hariyali, or greenery, signifies the time of year when farmers across India plant their crops.

Goddess Parvati, often called the Teej Mata, is the goddess of Hariyali Teej and is often worshipped throughout the festival. Women wear green saris and green bangles on the day of Hariyali Teej, which is said to be the color of the festival. They also get together in some parts of India and listen to folklore related to Shiva and Parvati. Besides the Haryali Teej, Sawan celebrates another two Teej festivals. One is the Kajari Teej, and the other is the Hartalika Teej. This pattern is called Teeyan in Punjabi. Wearing new clothes, bangles, dancing, and singing special Teej songs are among the activities involving women during Teej.

The rainy season is welcomed in Haryana with Teej celebrations. Family members' well-being and long life are prayed for during this festival. The exchange of gifts between families and the visit of married women to their parents is also a tradition. Sindhara, a basket filled with homemade sweets and bangles, is a gift that their parents give them. It is also a popular time to eat traditional Indian desserts such as ghevar, honeycomb-like dessert with dry fruits and cream. Teej is also celebrated with sweets such as balushahi, shakkar para, and jalebi. A honeycomb-shaped dessert topped with cream and dry fruits, ghevar are also popular for Teej. Balushahi, shakkar para, jalebi, and balushahi are other popular sweets offered during Teej.

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