Isa Khan Tomb, New Delhi

Isa Khan's Tomb is a 16th century historical monument in New Delhi. The tomb was built during the lifetime of Isa Khan Niazi from 1547 – 48. Isa Khan Niazi was among the tribal unit of nobles who were attached with the Delhi Sultanate like Sher Shah Suri and Ibrahim Lodhi. The tomb is in the shape of an octagon. It is ornamented with distinct form of canopies, lattice screen and glazed tiles. There is also a deep verandah which stands in support of pillars. A red sandstone is placed with inscription mentioning the tomb to be of Masnad Ali Isa Khan. The garden attached to the Isa Khan tomb is one of the earliest examples of sunken garden surrounding a tomb. This was later followed at the time of building the tomb of Akbar at Sikandra and in Taj Mahal.

A tiny mosque is located at the edge of the complex across the tomb which is called the Isa Khan’s Mosque. The mosque was constructed during the same time the tomb was built. Noticeable ‘mihraabs’ can be seen in the walls of the mosque which denotes the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca. These monuments are all under the maintenance and protection of Archaeological Survey of India. It is really a beautiful tomb.


Mathura Road, Delhi - Walking distance from Jawaharlal Nehru Metro station (Violet Line)


Isa Khan Tomb open at 06:00 AM to to 06:00 PM

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40 INR for Indian Tourists and 600 INR for Foreign Tourists

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