Jana Waterfall, Himachal Pradesh

Manali is known for its valleys, hills, trekking, and camping spots. Having to trek to a beautiful valley as well as to a waterfall adds to the enjoyment of reaching the final destination. One has to trek their way to Jana Waterfall and needs to cross the mesmerizing Deodar Pine forest and the mountains that are filled with snow. If you are fond of photography, then you can capture a lot of life-like pictures along the way. It is easy to climb your way to the waterfall. Also, it is a natural waterfall which is why, the water is clear and cold, just like the way you want.

Listening to the birds chirping, to the flora as well as of the water falling down from such a height, can rejuvenate any soul. There are a lot of arrangements on the way for food and drinks. A bridge connects the final trekking spot to the Jana waterfall, which is an adventurous spot to visit. You can sit there for hours and just absorb the peaceful ambiance of the scenic waterfall. It is closed in the rainy season which is why summers are the best time to go to the place. Being prepared can be advantageous while trekking through the forest such as wearing trekking shoes, carrying a bottle of water, making sure to start early so that you can return before it is dark, etc.


Jana Waterfall can be visiting during the day from 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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