Jhumair Folk Dance, Assam

The folk dance of Jhumair also known as Jhumar and it is a very famous folk dance that is primarily performed in Assam. However, having said that, there are some other states as well in which the folk dance of Jhumair is performed in. The States include- Chhattisgarh, Orissa, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Andhra Pradesh. The folk dance of Jhumair is famous amongst the tea garden community of Assam. The people who cultivate tea celebrate this grand folk dance of Jhumair with grand pomp and show. The dance is one of the oldest dance forms of not only Assam but also of the entire country. There is some evidence of similar dance forms in the Mesolithic paintings. The Mesolithic paintings look quite alike the dance steps of Jhumair. A number of paintings have been found that depict some very crucial dance steps that constitute the Jhumair folk dance. Basically, the folk dance of Jhumair is a community dance that is performed in groups. The dance is performed during some festivals and during the harvest season.

The supreme feature of this dance of Jhumair is that it is mainly performed in large and spacious open places. Many traditional musical instruments include the dhol, manjira, dholki, and a lot more. The themes of Jhumair songs mainly depict the day to day ups and downs of human life. And at the same time give a solution to how to bear all this with sheer courage without at all losing the enthusiasm towards life.

The costume of the dance is unique. Long traditional dresses are worn by men and carrying the various musical instruments completes their look. Men usually take charge of the musical part of the endeavor. Girls usually grace themselves by wearing the traditional red bordered white sarees. The dialogues uttered in between the songs reveal various emotions like aspiration, sorrow and joy of common man. The dance is performed at various ceremonies or even as a part of prayer to the rain God.

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