Jogini Waterfall, Himachal Pradesh

At a distance of almost 8 km from Manali, you can take an enjoyable bus ride to reach the Jogini Waterfalls. The entire journey you can watch the huge valleys, snow-capped mountains, the river flowing beneath you, and the lush green environment. The waterfall actually forms the boundary of the village that it is in, known as the Vashisht village. The entire scenery around the Jogini Waterfall makes you feel like you are in a fairy tale world. The water plunges into a pool which later on meets with the river Beas. It is known to be really sacred and the villagers tend to drink the water of this picturesque waterfall. It is a short trek that you take. You can start from Manali or even from the village itself. Reaching the highest point of the Jogini waterfall isn’t a difficult task but you should be well prepared with snacks and food while trekking to the top.

Walk right through the Himalayas, starting from the Vashisht village and you can reach the foot of the Jogini waterfall in an hour. It takes another 15 minutes if you want to reach the top of the site. If trekking and sight-seeing are one of your passions, then this trek is worth the efforts. You can find accommodation easily in the village; however, there aren’t many restaurants there yet which means that the place isn’t much explored yet. So, you can actually feel the peace and the calmness of the surroundings while being at the Jogini fall.


Jogini Waterfalls can be visit during the day from 07:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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