Kalaripayattu Martial Arts Dance, Kerala

Kalaripayattu is a part of the Indian martial arts which is also performed in a folk dance form. This type of folk dance and fighting technic was first introduced in Kerala and are one of the oldest forms of martial arts present to date. The origins of this type of fighting technic go back to the 6th century which is why Kalaripayattu is also known as 'The Mother of All Martial Arts'. This type of martial arts is still being practiced in Kerala and the local communities have opened centres that would be able to teach the next generation about the Kalaripayattu culture.

The movements and the steps present in the Kalaripayattu martial arts are derived from various dance forms present in Kerala along with other movements present in yoga positions. Since the movement of the Kalaripayattu was incorporated from various sources, the movement while fighting makes the fight seem like it is a type of folk dance.

Kalaripayattu dance is a Kerala folk dance where the Kalaripayattu practitioners fight each other with a sword and a shield in a sequential manner without hurting each other. This type of dance form can be witnessed in Kerala during the festive season as people from various states and countries gather in Kerala to witness the most ancient type of Martial arts dance form. Tourists enjoy watching the Kalaripayattu dance as they can feel the performer's adrenaline while fighting with the swords, as it is one of the Keralan dance forms which include martial arts.

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