Karva Chauth Festival, India

Karva Chauth is a famous Traditional Indian occasion that is predominantly celebrated throughout the country's northern provinces. It is a celebration of love, marriage, and the unbreakable bond shared between a husband and wife. The term "Karva" refers towards a clay watering pot, as well as the term "Chauth" refers towards the fourth.

Also known as Niraja Vrat, Karva Chauth is a one-day festival where married Hindu women observe fasts for the health and safety of their husbands. They begin their fasts right at sunrise, which continues throughout the day until the moonrise. Females avoids drinking & eating in order to give devotion to the Lord Shiva. They break their fast after making various offerings and sighting the moon, which is also one of the most important celestial bodies according to Hindu mythology.

Women pray for the long life of their husbands and ask Lord Shiva to protect them from any harm or difficulties. It is also believed that this festival brings peace, happiness, and joy into their married life. According to Hindu tradition, Karwa Chauth is one of the most important festivals, especially for married women. It begins with a small early morning prayer and is usually followed by “Sargi” - a food platter containing dry fruits, parathas, curry, and coconut water.

Women consume Sargi after their bath as it is believed to be a healthy meal that allows them to prepare for the fasting. It keeps them energetic and allows them to stay without food or water for the entire day. There are various ancient legends associated with the festival of Karva Chauth. These tales or stories talk about the sacrifices that women have been making for their husbands and how their love is pure and eternal. Apart from observing fasts, women also pray for a prosperous and happy married life. Later in the evening, they perform puja for their husbands before the moon sighting. After this, the women try to see the moon through a sieve and then catch a glimpse of their husbands through the same sieve. It is also believed that when a wife looks at her husband through a sieve, all negative emotions are filtered through it.

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