Katas Raj Temples, Pakistan

The Temple of Shri Katas Raj is a complex of several Hindu temples. This famous temple is also known as Qila Katas. It is situated in Pakistan's Punjab province, in the Potohar Plateau region. The temples are situated in the vicinity of Kallar Kahar, near the M2. The pond of the temples is said to have been constructed in the Puranas of Shiva's tear-downs after he walked on earth inconsolably when his wife Sati died. The lake is divided into two channels with a depth of up to 20 meters.

The Katas raj temple plays a part in the Hindu Epic Poem Mahabharata, in which the Pandava brothers spent a considerable part of their exile. Hindus are also historically believed to be the site of riddle contests between the brothers and the Yakshas, as outlined in the Yaksha Prashna. The Hindu deity Krishna set the foundation of the shrine and built-in it a hand-made Shively.

The government of Pakistan began rebuilding temples in 2006, and further changes in 2017 were announced. In 2018, 139 Hindu Indians were issued visas to visit Katas Raj Dham.

The massive Katas Raj Temple lies close to the Kallar Kahar, at an altitude of 2000 meters. Another important Hindu pilgrimage site, the Tilla Jogian temple, is about a hundred kilometers away on the route. Katas Raj is located on the M2 motorway, which connects Islamabad to Lahore close to an interchange for the town of Kallar Kahar. The complex is next to Kallar Kahar road to Choa Saidan Shah near Dulmial village. The temple complex is indeed a wondrous one.


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