Kerala Natanam Dance, Kerala

Kerala Natanam or the Kerala dance is introduced about 80 years before, and later, it became familiar among the people. Kerala is the state that is situated on the southwestern coast of Malabar in India. This dance emerged as a result of the famous Kathakali dance. This dance is similar to Kathakali dance since most of the steps of kathakali are followed in this dance.

In Kerala state, Kerala Natanam is very popular. This dance is based on a specific culture that is very rare to find among people today. Guru Gopinath first introduced Kerala dance. He was expertise in Kathakali dance. He thought of bringing out a dance that can be understood by people easily and added Kerala Natanam finally.

Kerala Natanam is performed with a mixture of facial expressions and different types of body movements. Usually, this dance is performed in three ways they are:
• There is a solo performance
• It can be shown group wise
• While dancing it is presented as a drama to the audience

Many small steps of Kathakali dance were mixed to design Kerala Natanam. Nowadays, at Kerala, this dance is viral since there are many classes and tutorials conducted to train young talent. Raja Varma painting is used as a sample for makeup purposes. This simple makeup is applied to the dancers of Kerala Natanam, where the people would easily recognize it. Kerala dance is performed as a pair when it comes to drama dance since all the characters in a drama are required to complete the hop.

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