Kollam Beach, Kerala

Kollam beach is located in Kollam, Kerala. It is also known as Mahatma Gandhi beach as the Mahatma Gandhi Park is also situated within the premises of the beach. The Kollam beach was considered as the second largest port in Kerala after the Cochin or Kochi port as this port was used to trade cashews internationally. Kochi is also known for being rich with multiple historical events as the Portuguese, the Dutch and the Britishers once settled in Kochi in the same sequence. Therefore there are many monuments in the city which were built according to Portugal, Dutch and the British architecture style. Before the independence, there were various monuments, memorials and churches built in the city and these monuments still exist and are being maintained by the State Government of Kerala.

There is a backwater boating ride for tourists besides the beach; this makes the Kollam Beach the perfect site for tourists as they will be able to enjoy water sports at the beach and later can move forward towards the backwater boating. Kollam beach is also considered as Kerala's first-ever, 'Beach Wedding Destination'. The resorts and hotels at the beach offer Beach Wedding to the bride and groom where you will be to tie the knot along with the waves of the sea making it the best moment of their life. Marine Aquarium at the beach holds various types of marine life in the aquarium and is a single-story aquarium where the tourists can enjoy watching and learning the lifestyle of these sea creatures.

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