Kudakkallu Parambu, Kerala

God’s own country Kerala is home to one of the most beautiful sights ever on earth. For those who only envision Kerala bearing the green lush regions and the water area, Kerala is much more than what the eye sees. It’s home to many archaeological sites that date back to the ancient history and are a lookback to how the yesteryear’s culture stood rich of tradition and more.

There are plenty of sites that are enlisted in Indian National Heritage Monument from Kerala of which Kudakkallu Parambu is one of them. A prehistoric Megalith place that is also known for being a burial site, this one is located in Chermanangad of Thrissur. The area is part of Archeological Survey of India’s list of centrally protected structure and monument. There are over 69 burial sites from Megalithic era in the area nearby of which Kudakkallu Parambu is one.

The area has different types of burials like Topikkal, Kudakkal, stone circles, and multiple hood stones. It is said that the burial region was created somewhere in the 2000 BCE. It’s a prehistoric area and is often loved by people with archeological interests. However, the Kudakkallu Parambu isn’t only visited by mere archeologists but has an influx of people all over the year. It is accessible via road, rail and air mean but road transportation is more preferred. It’s one of the much-loved getaways for the people of Karnataka and Tamilnadu. The place is surrounded by others historic elements that were part of Megalith era and blends in a timelaspe of going back in the past.

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