Lake Manasarovar, Tibet

Lake Manasarovar is one of the holiest lakes in Tibet and also known to be the largest freshwater lake in the world and is considered to have been ' not too far ' from Mighty Mount Kailash in western Tibetan Prefecture. Manasarovar Lake, the quality of its water that is considered pure as a Saphire to the point where everyone can easily see the depths of this lake. This invincible lake is nothing short of a "spiritual satisfaction" among the thousands of pilgrims who are actively involved in the Yatra Kailash Manasarovar.

As one of Tibet's most beautiful lakes, its surroundings, namely Manasarovar Lake, include the majestic peaks of the Himalayans south, are one of the primary causes of its beauty. You can see the five Buddhist convents on Lake Manasarovar's shore, including the most popular Chiu on the Northwest Shore. A journey to the pristine Lake of Manasarovar has proven to be constantly one of the most religious ways to experience your inner satisfaction and take your sins away.

The Hindus assumed that Lord Brahma was the divine lake of Manasarovar in order to facilitate the perfect place for his sons to take a bath in the whole journey of divine territory. For a fact, when the sun comes, this freshwater lake changes color. The beauty of the continually changing colors of the lake can be admired on its shores from blue to bluish-green and then red, and if you are lucky, the rainbow in this religious place could also add to the good and beautiful of this lake. No doubt about the fact that it is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and also holds a large sentimental emotion in the heart of the yatris.

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