Maha Shivratri Festival, India

In every lunar month, the fourteenth day before the new moon comes to be known as Shivratri. The Mahashivratri, which occurs in February-March among all the Shivratri during a calendar year, has the greatest spiritual significance.

There is a natural upsurge of energy in human beings on this night because the northern hemisphere of the planet is at a position of perfect alignment with the Sun. It is a day of spiritual ascent. It is because of this that an annual festival is held with a nighttime celebration in this tradition. During this nightlong festival, staying awake and maintaining your spine vertical in the night is crucial for being able to access the natural surge of energies. People who follow a spiritual path would benefit greatly from Maha Shivratri. Those in a family situation and those with dreams of success in the world must also consider it. Mahashivratri is observed as Shiva's wedding anniversary by those who live with family. They claim that Shiva conquered his enemies on that day is seen by those with worldly ambitions.

In addition to myths, the importance of these days and nights in yogic tradition resides in the opportunities they offer to spiritual seekers. There have been many phases in modern science, and today they are aiming to show you that all that you thought you knew about life, matter, existence, the cosmos, and galaxies is one energy that manifests itself in thousands of ways. It is a scientific fact that every yogi experiences. Yogis recognize that existence is one. "Yoga" refers to a wide variety of practices or systems. Practicing yoga means longing for unboundedness, longing for oneness in Existence. On the night of Maha Shivratri, people have an opportunity to experience this.

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