Malai Mandir, Delhi

The Uttara Swami Malai Mandir which was laid in 1965 and inaugurated in 1973 and dedicated to Lord Swaminath, Sri Karpaga Vinayagar, Sri Sundareswarar and Devi Meenakshi is a beautiful temple complex located in top of a small hillock in RK Puram sector 7, New Delhi.

Uttara Swami Malai Mandir draws a large number of pilgrims. The idol is beautiful and is similar to that of Lord Swaminatha or Muruga in the Murugan temples in South India.

The ground level has temples of lord Vinayagar (Lord Ganesha), Lord Shiva, Devi Meenakshi and the Navagrahas (Nine holy planets). The temple office provides all the requirements for pooja including those who wish to do pooja for their vehicles, marriage blessing, Bhandara and other holy rituals. After the pooja one can enjoy the serene scenery with a cool wafting breeze on top of the hill. Travelers can view the peacocks, is the vehicle for Lord Swaminatha and the temple has many peacocks and rabbits that move around. There are no demands for any sort of offering or money from any of the priests or anyone else. Sanctity of the temple is maintained with cleanliness all round.

There is beautiful South Indian Gateway, sculpture, painting and the whole environment is religious, soothing and beautiful. Those interested in South Indian culture, art, architecture and environment must visit this temple.


Temple open at 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Everyday)

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