Mandarmani Beach, West Bengal

West Bengal is a place that has the Bay of Bengal on its side as well as other rivers as well. This state is rich in cultural as well as historic values. It consists of cities that are beautiful and well developed. The population of the state is mostly literate as well as there are beautiful places like Mandarmani to roam around. Mandarmani is a village resort on the side of the sea in Purba Medinipur (near to capital city of Kolkata) of West Bengal. It contains several beaches in this village resort.

Mandarmani beach is one of the longest drivable beaches in India. It has long stretched of beaches which are silent and beautiful. This place does not have a large population. But still, this village resort does have visitors every year to look around at its beauty and simplicity. The sea of the beach has low waves as well as it is much more silent as compared to other beaches nearby Mandarmani.

This is a silent beach that has a specialty as it consists of red crabs all around its Mandarmani beach. It is without any doubt one of the most beautiful beaches in India. Mandarmani does sound like a remote beach resort but this place can be reached by the different modes of transportation. It is been connected by roads where anyone could travel with the help of their vehicle. This place does have the facility of bus service where it has been connected to other cities. Trains are one of the modes of transportation to reach Mandarmani. It is a place that can be easily approached by any tourist.

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