Mandovi River, India

Mandovi River which is also known as Mahadayi River flows into the states of Goa, Karnataka, and Maharashtra in India. Mandovi River is well- known amongst Indians as the lifeline of Goa. Mandovi connects with the Zuavi River, which is another famous river of Goa. They both join at a common point at Cabo Aguada to form the Mormuga harbor. Panaji, which is the capital of Goa is located on the banks of Mandovi River. Mandovi River flows to the length of 48 miles and 18 miles in the state of Karnataka and 32 miles in the state of Goa.

The Mandovi originates in Goa from the north side through the Satturi Taluka and in Karnataka from Uttara Kannada which is near to the Castle Rock Railway and through the districts of Cumbarjua, Chorao, and Divar in the state of Goa.

The river finally flows towards the Arabian Sea. Mapucsa River is known as the tributary of the Mandovi river. The two governments of the Indian states of Karnataka and Goa are in a continuous conflict regarding the share of their respective states in the water of the Mandovi river. The Mandovi River Water Tribunal is an organization constituted to resolve the conflict between the states of Karnataka and Goa. The tribunal’s decision allowed Goa 24tmcft, Karnataka 5.4tmcft, and Maharashtra 1.33tmcft water to satisfy their consumption needs. Still, the Karnataka government was not satisfied and so they knocked on the gates of the Supreme Court to demand justice regarding the unfair share of water allocated to Karnataka.

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Gangaram Mhambre
01 November 2022

village near khanapur where mandovi starts