Matki Folk Dance, Madhya Pradesh

Malwa region in Madhya Pradesh has the unique art form of dance which is called Matki dance. It is basically a solo dance form. Ladies wearing colourful dress perform this dance. This dance is performed on different occasion like birthday’s weddings or any cultural events. This dance is performed with water pots. In Hindi it means matki i.e. earthenware pot. This folk dance started in central India.

Matki Dance is linked with Madhya Pradesh but actually being performed in Malwa. Mostly one dancer performs this dance and at the end of the dance other folks join in. Moreover, the dance has different another dance variation also like Aada and the Khada dance.

The Matki dance started amongst the tribes of Madhya Pradesh. As the water pot was frequently used by the village ladies this dance eventually formed. The dance form is unique and has cultural features as well.

Mostly ladies wear sari or lehanga in different vibrant colours. Especially the dancer wears veil during the dance. It is because of the tradition.

On the beats of drums and local special Malwa music which is rhythmic music is produced by men.

The dance requires props which is earthen pot matki. This prop is essential for this folk dance. The performer needs to balance holding Mattki on head and perform dance steps which require great practice of balancing and moving on music beats. There are many schools and centers offering training for this dance form. Many people who have interest in local folk dances take this piece of training.

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