Mayilpeeli Thookkam Dance, Kerala

Mayilpeeli Thookkam is called as Arjuna Nritham by the people of Kerala. This is a kind of folk dance that mainly depicts the story of Mahabharata. Usually, the dancers perform this dance dressed up with the right set of costumes with eye-catching colors. The skirt worn is made out of peacock feathers; thus, it is called as peacock feather dance. These dresses are worn very colorfully since to add grace and beauty to the performance further.

Men perform this ritual dance to show the power behind them. Mayilpeeli Thookkam is a unique dance that is performed to create various ideas in people's minds. This dance dress code is similar to that of kathakali, and dancing is performed based on the rhythm of the song Kavithanga.

Typically, the dance steps are very complex to be performed by ordinary dancers since Mayilpeeli Thookkam requires proper practice and experience. The dance steps of Mayilpeeli Thookkam are very much similar to that of Kalarippayattu. These dancers perform this dance while their faces are painted in green, and they dress richly.

Mayilpeeli Thookkam dance is a Kerala special. If you have a visit there, you would have a look at it. Usually, these types of dances are performed at temples and religious occasions. As this dance depicts the story of the great Indian epic Mahabharata, people in Kerala are very interested in seeing this repeatedly. Mayilpeeli Thookkam dance is a traditional dance form that brings out the culture that is followed during the ancient days.

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